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Main Street Crossing in Tomball TX


Main Street Crossing Tomball TX

I watched Main Street Crossing in Tomball being built and wondered what it was.  To be quite honest, several years later I was still confused.  I was not sure whether it was a coffee house, bar, or a place for live entertainment.  Then my friend Diane Holland started marketing for them and I found out it was all of those things but bundled in a non-profit ministry. 

The roots of Main Street Crossing happened about 5 years ago when a group of people came along who felt a lot of people were missing out on getting to know God because they were not comfortabThree Churches meet at Main Street Crossing on Sundayle setting foot in a church.  They built Main Street Crossing and opened it as a community hangout offering food, drink, (including beer and wine), specialty coffee, tournament poker, live music, wireless internet etc.

The people behind Main Street Crossing are on a spiritual journey and as people come to know more about Main Street they find out that there are three different churches that use the place as their building on Sundays.  The Journey meets at 10:00 AM.  Their goal is to connect life to God.  Well Spring meets at 4:00 PM.  This is a place to talk things through, seek and ask questions; all in a safe environment.  Sondays meets at 6:30.  They are all about un-organizing religion.  It is a safe haven for people of all walks of life to get together and share stories and build new relationships.  They watch a film that shares the topic for the evening and then discuss it.

I guess this would explain my confusion as to what Main Street is.  From the outside it looks like a business in a beautiful setting, and it is that.  It is also an organization that benefits the community.  The owner says they actualMain Stree Crossing live entertainmently lose a fair amount of money.  I got this straight off of their website, so obviously this is not a big concern to them; they are there for the benefit of the community.  They want a place where people can come for all kinds of reasons.  They might be experiencing some misfortunes in life, maybe they are looking for answers, or it could be someone just looking for a good time in a fun atmosphere.

According to their website they can also be used for private parties such as corporate meetings, weddings, or special celebrations.   Friday night's live music is featured.  At 8:00 they showcase local Tomball talent, anything from rock to jazz to blues.  Drop in anytime during the week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for breakfast, lunch, or a great tasting cup of coffee.  Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights anyone can join in the free Texas Hold Em Poker Tournaments at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.  Several well -known grMain Street Crossing was original site of 1910 IGA Tomball TXoups are scheduled to perform on Saturday nights, as well.  Watch the reader boards on either side of the building to find out who and when they will be performing.

For you history buffs Main Street Crossing is built on the original site of a historic landmark, Brautigam's IGA which was estblished in 1919.  It looks to me as though the founders of Main Street Crossing kept the IGA design in mind when they desinged Main Stree Crossing.


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Main Street Crossing in Tomball TX
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