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My Parents - a layover at IAH and the Potato Patch in Houston TX!


The Potato Patch, Houston TXMy parents flew through Houston IAH yesterday on their way to the Borderfest in Hidalgo TX.  They had a 3 ½ hr. layover so we picked them up and took them to the Potato Patch for lunch.  They had a layover like this many years ago and my Mother still remembered this restaurant.  It is quite a memorable restaurant.  If you have not been there you should make it a point of checking it out.

The Potato Patch is the home of the Throw'd roll.  That's right they throw the homemade rolls across the room to you.  If you llook to the right you will see the guest has his hands raised ready to catch the roll.  There is a The Potato Patch home of the Throw'd roll in Housotn TXcountry menu to go along with those thrown rolls; whether it is hamburgers, potatoes, steak, shrimp combos and of course chicken fried steak.   They walk around the tables giving you appetizers which include fried green tomatoes, fried okra and other vegetables.  They also walk around with homemade muffins.  The day we were there we had the choice between blueberry and toffee, straight out of the oven. 

It was a great place to relax and enjoy a meal with my parents.  There is actually a story involved as to why my parents are on their way to the Borderfest at Hidalgo.   I was blessed to have an Ozzie and Harriet upbringing.  If you look at the picture you will see Ozzie (aka Harry age 90) and Harriet (aka Lucylle age 82).  Harry and Lucylle Gifford at the Potato PatchFrom as long as I can remember my parents were the ones who got involved in whatever they participated in.  When we were in 4-H they were our 4-H leaders etc.  In life it is 20% of the people doing 80% of the work and they have always been involved in that 20%.

After my Dad retired they use to go down to spend a few months wintering at the tip of Texas.  22 years ago they met a young man who was then working for the Chamber of Hidalgo and they got involved with helping him to promote the Borderfest.  Hidalgo is about 10 miles from McAllen along the Mexican border.  The festival had been going on for about 10 years at that time but I don't know that it had really taken off.  My Mom being raised in the carnival does not know a stranger and when she sets her mind to something she makes it happen.   From that time the festival has taken off and last year had a record breaking 66,110 visitors.

My parents now winter in Mesa AZ and summer in Colorado.  At the 20 year anniversary of Borderfest; which was 10 years ago, they went back to visit the festival.  I believe that was when we picked them up and had lunch at the Potato Patch the last time.  The gentleman who was working at the Chamber is now the City Manager and he brought them in 2 years ago for the 30th anniversary of the festival.  He asked them to come again this year as a thank you for all they did in helping to get it off the ground 22 years ago.  So that is the story of why we were at the Potato Patch has Country CookingPotato Patch for lunch.

My 90 year old Dad and 82 year old Mother are a walking tribute to what happens when you stay active in your retirement years and you share your gifts with other people.

Back to the Potato Patch if you want to go there, maybe you end up with a layover in Houston, it is 2 miles east of I-45 on 1960.  It is very close to where the Hardy Toll Road meets 1960 on the south side of the street.  The Potatoe Patch has a website you can visit for more information and to get a copy of their menu.  I did notice when I got on their webpage that they are a Wi-Fi hot spot and surfing is free for their patrons.  I know I'm always looking for those free Wi-Fi spots.

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