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A BIG THUMBS UP to our Recovery Workers from Hurricane Ike!!

Thank you Hurricane Ike recovery workersI remember hearing after Hurricane Ike came through our area that some 2.1 million customers were out of power.  Just two weeks afterwards power has been restored to almost all the areas where it can still be restored.  I know there are still pockets without power but they become less ever day.  One of my clients wrote the letter below and asked me if I would post it on Active Rain.  She very eloquently Thanks all our recovery workers that made this possible in such a short time.  Please take the time to read her letter and give our service workers a big thumbs up.

Dear fellow Texan, American and Canadian friends:

We in southeast Texas are so grateful for the outpouring of assistance we have received during the past two weeks since Hurricane Ike roared through our communities. 

To all members of law enforcement (both local and those who came in from other areas of Texas to assist us) thank you.  We citizens do not always express our appreciation for the work you do on a daily basis. However, you need to know that you are very much appreciated by the vast majority. 

To all members of other emergency services such as fire and rescue who also spent so much time away from their own families and homes in order to service our communities, we thank you.

To all members of Centerpoint, Entergy, AT&T, and the untold numbers of companies working on power lines, traffic signals and debris removal:  You have all worked so tirelessly during these past two weeks in an effort to bring a sense of normalcy back to our lives, and we thank you.

I have personally seen workers, power company trucks and tree removal service companies from the following states (although I know help came from as far away as Alaska and Canada): 

  • AlabamaA big thumbs up to our recovery workers from Hurrican Ike
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Many citizens have made it a point (myself included) to honk, smile, wave, or give a thumbs up to these fine people in an effort to let them know how much we appreciate them for being away from their homes and families in an effort to help us.  Somehow it just does not seem enough.  So to anyone who is reading this, I ask one favor:  Please pass this message on.  I am hopeful that this will eventually reach each and every person involved in this recovery effort and let them know just how much they have meant to our community.

Kind regards

Marcia Cooke, 

Spring TX

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A BIG THUMBS UP to our Recovery Workers from Hurricane Ike!!
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