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Motivational Monday - What animal are you?

Yesterday I found myself in my car for a fairly long stretch of time waiting for a client who was running late.  Typically when that happens I bring out the cell phone and start surfing.  In this case I was out in the country and was only getting one bar on my phone so surfing was out.  I then started digging through my cWhat animal are you?  Surviving the Serengetiar to see what I could find.  What I found were two REALTOR magazines from back in April; both of them unread by me.  In the NAR magazine I found an article entitled “What animal are you”?  I am not familiar with the book but Stefan Swanepoel has written a book called “Surviving the Serengeti” which draws business survival skills from the animal life in Africa’s Serengeti region.

At this time in April 20,000 people (it says mostly real estate practitioners but I am not sure how they tell that) had taken the quiz.  It was intriguing to see how the respondents landed.

  • 31% Enterprising Crocodile – Enterprising Crocodiles see the possibilities in the future that others cannot see.  They are passionate about work, learn from mistakes and understand their weaknesses as well as their innate strengths.
  • 24% Graceful Giraffe – Graceful Giraffe’s develop interdependent relationships that are fostered through patience, self-dignity honor and respect.  Grace is a disposition that requires compassion toward others and the desire to extend good will.
  • 13% Communicating Elephant – The Communicating Elephant is a good communicator.  They understand that it is not always best to use a lot of words.  They understand how critical verbal and non-verbal exchanges are.  They understand successful relationships depend on good communication.
  • 10% Strategic Lion – To the strategic Lion it is all or nothing. The Lion’s primary skill is strategy; it is all about organizing their thoughts, ideas, experience, skills, expertise and expectations to accomplish the desired goal. Strategy is not just about the end; it is the means to the end.
  • 8% Efficient Cheetah – The Efficient Cheetah finishes the job in the shortest possible time with the least amount of wasted resources.  They are able to overcome interruptions, distractions, mistakes and mental and physical fatigue. They focus on being effective thus producing the desired results.
  • 7% Risk Taking Mongoose – The Risk Taking Mongoose evaluates all the options before making a decision.  They review goals and determine the various routes to get to the destination.  Often they choose the path with the highest risk to gain the maximum reward.
  • 7% Enduring Wildebeest- The Enduring Wildebeest keeps their mind going even when their body wants to quit. They continue moving forward despite obstacles, hardships, pain or fatigue.

At the bottom of the article I found that I could go online to take the quiz at   Reading through the different animals I was guessing that I would be the Communicating Elephant but bookmarked the page so when I got home I could see what the quiz said.  I took the quiz twice and yes I was a Communication Elephant both times.  I thought it was kind of fun and wanted to share it with you.  So what animal are you?

If anyone has read the book  please share how you liked the book.

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Motivational Monday - What animal are you?
Yesterday I found myself in my car for a fairly long stretch of time waiting for a client who was running late. Typically when that happens I bring out the cell phone and start surfing. In this case I was out in the country and was only getting… more
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